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Meeting of District Programme Coordinators of NREGA districts

Minutes of the meeting of District Programme Coordinators of NREGA districts
held on 8th December'2006 at Minister. P & RD's Conference Room.

At the outset Minister, P & RD took the district-wise performance review on the implementation of NREGA programmes. After threadbare discussion, the following observations/decisions are made/taken:

  1. It is made clear that in implementation of NREGA programme; the guidelines issued by the Govt. of India must be complied with by the District Programme Coordinator. There should not be any deviation from the guidelines in the implementation of the programme.
  2. The material, wage ratio in implementation of the NREGA schemes may be maintained for the district as a whole. The District Programme Coordinators are expected to take a comprehensive tour of the district and make a vision statement on the overall development of the district. They must fix priority in order to ensure to create durable community assets and welfare projects in the district. District Programme Coordinators may take big schemes irrespective of administrative boundary jurisdiction of Gaon Panchayat, Anchalik Panchayat. The emphasis may be on taking big schemes instead of taking small schemes and piece rate basis execution of schemes be given preference.
  3. The respective District Perspective Plan must be completed and submitted within 2 (two) weeks. The Perspective Plan must reflect the vision statement of the respective District Programme Coordinators.
  4. The process of engagement of Panchayat Sahayaks, Computer assistant and technical assistant on contract basis on the pattern of National Health Mission may be completed immediately by the respective District Programme Coordinators within the overall guidelines issued by the Govt. of India in this regard.
  5. It is observed in the meeting that update data and submission of progress report at the programme through On-line should be given top priority. NIC is already requested to submit comprehensive proposal in this regard in order to maintain update data and compile progress report at the Gaon Panchayat, Block and District level and transmit the information directly from the Gaon Panchyat, Block, District to the State Headquarter and to theUnion Ministry.
  6. Hon'ble Minister, P & RD advised that some of the District Programme Coordinators may visit Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan for having first hand assessment of the on-going NREGA programmes in these 2 (two) States.

In the last, the Minister expressed on an exhilatory note that the District Programme Coordinators are expected to get personally involved and take innovative schemes for creating durable community assets in the concerned districts. The schemes taken by District Programme Coordinators should be ideal model and in accordance with the latest Govt. of India guidennes.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks from the Chair.

Minister, Panchayat & Rural Development

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